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Qatar Domains Registry

Qatar Domains Registry is an intuitive and dedicated department of Communications Regulatory Authority “CRA”, that manages all the Qatar-specific domains. Qatar Domains Registry is committed to being a fair and transparent registry that promotes competition and innovation in the market.

Its responsibilities include:

- Manage all Qatar specific domain names (Latin & Arabic Script Domains)

- Promote the use of Qatar domains

- Foster completion and innovation in domain names and internet services by accrediting and managing registrars

- Develop and implement policy in the domain name space

- Facilitate Qatar domain name dispute resolution

About CRA

The ‎Communications Regulatory Authority “CRA” is the Communications Regulator in the state of Qatar established by virtue of Emiri Decree (42) in 2014. The CRA regulates the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector, postal services, access to digital media and spectrum. The CRA encourages and supports an open and competitive Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector that provides advanced, innovative, and reliable communications services. Balancing the rights of consumers with the needs of service providers is at the heart of everything the CRA does.

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Registration Policies

Registrants agree to conform to all Qatar Domain Registry policies at the time of their registration and renewal. The following are the current policies and procedures set by the Qatar Domains Registry .

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